Program Team Minutes

Program Team
Holton United Methodist Church
February 21st, 2017

Present: Rosemary Johnson, Jim Eskew, Deb Eskew, Carole Vandenberg, Paulette LaMie, Tom LaMadline, Dana LaMadline, Art Stevens, Pastor Jerry Selleck.
Attending: Claudia Selleck
Absent: Stacy Wright, Mick Noble, Bruce Zerlaut

-Pastor opened with Prayer
-Discussion of good things in the Church: Decolores weekend, beauty of the grounds, prayer garden use.
-Remaining Nov. minutes up for approval. Paulette moved for approval. Deb seconded. Passed.
-January minutes up for approval. Paulette moved for approval. Carole seconded. Passed.
-David Wisniewski prepared Treasurer report for approval. Motion by Art for approval. Jim seconded. Passed.
-Chicken BBQ for March 25th has been cancelled.
-Discipleship: No report.
-Fellowship: Paulette reports that small groups are being formed. Sports Ministries is finishing the scoreboard and getting ready to paint and fix the hockey rink. Upcoming BBQs will help the finances. Yard Sale scheduled for weekend of April 23rd, and needs advertising. Valueland is set to pick up the leftovers. Yard Sale committee needs to meet. Memorial Committee purchased a new Christmas Tree for Sanctuary. Coffee Hour workers are fine.
-Fellowship: Carole reports that Shirley Schnick defrosted the freezer and sorted out outdated food. She is still searching for a 42-cup coffee maker. Family Ministries is doing fine, and will again host Friday Night Movie. Next one calls for soup & salad potluck, with the movie “Chasing Mavericks.”
-Dana LaMadline offered that her and Tom, Nate and April Beckman, and Jason and Heather Jarvis would be interested in working on Family Camp for this summer. General approval!
-Finance: No report.
-Outreach: Deb reports that Missions Committee has set up their Six-Lane giving for 2017:
Lane 1: Missionary Shelly Paige
Lane 2: Judith Craig Village in New Mexico
Lane 3: Red Bird mission in Kentucky
Lane 4: Heifer International
Lane 5: La Nueva Esperanza church in Grand Rapids
Lane 6: Holton Community Center, and Mission for Area People in Muskegon Heights
Lane 7: Local Ministries: Backpack, Little League, Youth Group

-Discussion about where Mission money comes from. No budget line, so it is from ongoing donations.
-Supper House is being hosted by Shirley Schnick while Gayle Berry is on vacation. They served 164 people last time.
-19 Shut-ins are visited by Shirley Schnick, Emma Ruprecht, pastor, and others.
-VIM Handy Helpers haven’t had much activity through the winter. VIM Nicaragua is still working on a date for a mission trip.
-Worship: Tom reports that Claudia is temporarily in charge of Tech, and she is looking for bids to fix many issues with our tech system. Teen Challenge will host our worship services on Oct. 8th. June 4th needs a retired pastor to fill pulpit and serve communion, while Pastor Jerry is at Annual Conference. Karen Baird agreed to be back-up for communion preparation. Lent and Easter are being prepared. Getting palm crosses to give away on Palm Sunday. Breakfast after Sunrise Easter service is being headed by Art Stevens.
-Trustees: Jim reported on the air-conditioning repair. Trane is scheduled to come on Feb. 24th to inspect our system and make recommendations for repair or replacement. March 25th is a work day to install trim in the sanctuary and cover ceiling cracks. They will also paint the cross wall to cover damage. Rhett Sease has been installing LED fluorescent bulbs around the Church as a trial run.
-Witness: Art reports visits to shut-ins and hospital visits. Community Center is doing well. He often prays with folks there and with youth group. Decolores was a strong success. Mentioned that the outside flag may need repair or replacement.
-Claudia and Pastor reported on gearing up small groups. They are currently meeting with potential leaders at the parsonage. Claudia has started 2 new ‘Faith and Friendship’ groups for women. Wednesday afternoon at 2pm, and Thursday evening at 6:30pm, with day-care provided. Claudia is also considering forming a children’s choir at the school.
-Pastor reports that the Bible Rack will soon be filled. Bibles are on order. Backpack is having to remake itself with the collapse of the Lakeshore program. He is working with Chris and Sue Thompson to keep it going. Vacation Bible School for summer of 2017 still needs leaders. Kids Camp Scholarship Fund is full and doesn’t need new funds: over $6,000.
-Pastor brought a request from the Youth Building Committee to invest increasing funds into an interest bearing account. They suggest Waddell and Reed for approval. The fund currently is $34,000+. Motion by committee, and second by Art Stevens. Motion passed.
-Youth Building Committee is forming ‘Host Dinners’ as a fundraiser for spring and summer.
-Photo Wall is updated and complete.
-Electronic Giving is still moving forward. And pastor reports that we have about 8 lectors, who will serve in both first and second services.
-Move to Adjourn. Passed

Submitted by Pastor Jerry Selleck