Program Team Minutes

Program Team
Holton United Methodist Church
March 21st, 2017

Present: Rosemary Johnson, Carole Vandenberg, Paulette LaMie, Stacy Wright, Art Stevens, Jim Eskew, Mick Noble, Terri Dodson-Seadorf, and Pastor Jerry Selleck.
Attending: Claudia Selleck and Dale Seadorf
Absent: Deb Eskew, Tom & Dana LaMadline, Bruce Zerlaut, Dave Wisniewski, and John Kochans
Pastor opened with Prayer
Pastor presented volunteer, Terri Dodson-Seadorf for appointment to the Program Team as Recording Secretary. Motion made by Paulette for approval. Art seconded. Passed.
Discussion of good things in the Church:
DecoTec weekend: 14/31 kids were from HUMC, and at least 12 dedicated or rededicated themselves to the Lord. Thank-you to everyone who donated to make it possible for the kids to go and very thankful for those who bought wheat as it had a great impact on the kids. One young man was given a Bible and was amazed someone from the church community would love him.
Art’s recent travels to visit church and community members that are now out of town.
Faith & Friendship Women’s groups: Wednesday afternoon groups are small but impact those who attend. Thursday night group format is changing from just fellowship to alternating fellowship and taking action. This week we will be bringing cards and stationary to write to our shut-ins.
Pastor Jerry & Claudia continue to have small groups over for pizza parties to help connect new and seasoned members.
Men’s Bible study group is outgrowing the library (most current attendance was 13). Mike Guerne is doing an excellent job leading the group.
Marlene has started a Women’s Bible study on Wednesday nights and has started with 6 in attendance.
MEETING MINUTES: February minutes discussed with questions regarding the Missions Committee. Art moved for approval. Stacy seconded. Passed.
TREASURER’S REPORT:-Pastor Jerry presented Treasurer’s report as David Wisniewski prepared but was unable to attend. Highlights include:
The general fund in February 2017 did not change significantly. The balance decreased by about $100 compared to January 2017. Current general fund balance is about $8,100.
The supper house fund sent $1,200 to MAP in February for food service for a 6-month period.
The HUMC emergency fund increased by about $1,000 in February.
The remaining repayment of the pastor pension payback will continue through June 2017 at the amount of $400 per month.
In summary, there have been no significant changes to the fund balances this year. Overall for the year so far, general fund income compared to budgeted expenses are essentially the same.
Stacy moved to accept the report as written. Paulette seconded. Passed.

Chicken BBQ for March 25th has been cancelled. The others this summer are still scheduled.
Youth Group Challenge: The Youth group far exceeded Stacy and Chip’s expectations in reciting the books of the Bible resulting in a steak dinner from the leaders. If the youth are able to continue to out perform the leaders in the 5th Challenge, the reward will be a Trip of the group’s choice.
Mission Trip: 28 people confirmed & 3 on the waiting list. The curriculum was just received. Although the trip has been paid, we will be doing some fundraising for miscellaneous items. It is planned for the 3rd week of June & 4 families will be served.
Kids’ Summer Camp: Paulette reports only one child has signed up for camp and so we will be getting the word out to more of the middle age bracket but can serve children 8-18. Funds are available to help any child in need.
Sports report: A sign for “Waldo Field” is complete and will be up soon. Tom LaMadline will be handling softball this year.
Coffee Hour: no report
Memorial: We would like to do a more permanent purchase such as a new communion cup. We are looking for suggestions.
Care Group: Needs all occasion cards (not Birthday or Anniversary, etc).
Sunday Night Bible Study: Studying 1st Peter
Yard Sale- Weekend of April 23: Erba is taking care of the start up money & advertising. Ruth is working on recruiting people to work at the sale. Dick & Jan Smith are working the kitchen.
Young at Heart: Carole reports that Mike & Ruth will be starting again May 9 and running the 2nd Tuesday at 12:30 pm. People will be asked to bring their own table service, drink, and a dish to pass. The first meeting will be a ham dinner and Sharon Hayes will provide music.
Kitchen: Shirley is looking for coffee pots. The recent noisy offering went to the cookie fund.
Family Ministries is looking for a new leader????? to run the monthly Friday Night Movie.
Family Camp: Currently has a team of 10 lead by Dana LaMadline. The date booked at Camp Albright is currently August 9 – 13 but this is the same as Unity. Discussion regarding the conflict with Unity festival and the limited dates offered by Camp Albright. Also, we will be unable to have the camp exclusively to ourselves this summer without large expense.
Finance: No report.
Supper House served 127 last month and needs more help.
Missions Committee is also looking for more help.
Backpack is scheduled for the 1st Saturday of August with some changes due to the cost & quality of the backpacks. We would like to query teachers to assess what is needed and then create kits for kids elementary to 8th grade. The kids would receive a cloth bag with HUMC and information and then they could pick the supplies needed. We expect to serve 250 children. Chris & Susan Thompson has submitted a grant application to the Gerber Foundation for $2000 to cover the expenses.
Staff Parish Relations Committee:
Pastor Jerry will be on vacation April 24 – 29
Busy getting ready for Easter and Holy Week & Matt Eichhorn will be doing a dramatic presentation on April 23rd.
Claudia, representing Tech, has secured bids to fix many issues with our tech system. Discussion surrounded the three bids and the need for another computer dedicated for the recording.
Parkway $6,687
Central InterConnect $3,304
Quinn: No bid but suggestion to patch existing system as we have for years.
Pastor Jerry motioned to accept the Central InterConnect bid and transfer $2,000 from the general fund into the Tech fund. Art seconded the motion. Vote passed.
Jim reported on the air-conditioning repair. Trane assessed the issues and made recommendations to repair at a cost of $1400 to clean and fix minor issues. Requested that we accept bid.
Saturday, March 25th is a work day to cover ceiling crack and change projector. They will not be painting the cross wall.
Art & Pastor Jerry report visits to shut-ins and hospital visits.
Pastor Jerry Announcements:
Tipping Point: DVD series from Jimmy Evans on End Times will begin on Mondays starting April 17.
Whitehall UMC is closing and merging with Montague UMC: prayers needed.
The Sanctuary and Cornerstone are also hurting and so please pray for them as well.

Move to Adjourn @ 7:55 pm. Motion Passed

Respectfully Submitted by Terri Dodson-Seadorf