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Founded on July 5 1866, by Rev L. J. Griffin, as a part of the Fox Lake Circuit.

Welcome to Holton United Methodist Church and thank you for visiting our website. It is our hope that the information listed here, on who we are, and what we believe, will encourage you to visit us soon. As you may know, a Church is far more than a website, and must be experienced first hand. Welcome to Holton United Methodist Church. We are a vibrant congregation, dedicated to sharing Jesus Christ in the Holton Community and beyond. Here is some basic information about our church but, as always, there is more than will fit on this website.

We Are A United Methodist Church

Our denomination was founded by John Wesley, and became a fully American denomination in 1784. We have grown to have a GLOBAL presence with over 11 million members, including almost 8 million in the USA. Globally we have 46,600 churches, with 33,828 in the USA.


EDUCATION. Approximately 10% of colleges in the US are United Methodist based, including Duke, Boston University, Syracuse, and Southern Methodist University. In Michigan, Albion and Adrian are both United Methodist colleges.

MEDICAL CARE. Worldwide we have over 300 hospitals and medical centers, including 55 in the United States. Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo is a United Methodist hospital.

SOCIAL WORK. There are literally thousands of social agencies and ministries funded and staffed by The United Methodist Church across the US and abroad.

MISSIONS. For the last 200 years, United Methodist missionaries have been active in every corner of the world, and we now see tremendous growth in Africa, Asia and other sites. Did you know that the population of Fiji is 30% United Methodist?

If you are interested in becoming a member or knowing more about our church, Pastor Jerry hosts a Saturday retreat, twice a year. Just give him a call.

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