What is Truth? God’s Truth Grounds Us So We Can Soar

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“What is truth?” Pilate retorted – John 18:38

What happens when you live in a culture where people think there are no absolute truths? Where everything is pluralistic and relative, and therefore you do not know what is true or not true (if there even is truth)? It means you tend to be skeptical, cynical because you can’t trust anything or anyone but yourself (and even that is sketchy). But more importantly, you have nothing to ground you. You become like a kite without a string. We think the string (truth) binds us and prevents us from flying wherever we want to go and do what we want to do, but the string (which feels binding) actually grounds us, and allows us to fly and soar in the wind. Without the string we eventually float with the wind, and crash and burn. Without Truth to ground us, we eventually crash and burn because we folllow the only truth we have, which is what we think and feel, what we hope for, and desire, what our culture tells us is true, but these ebb and flow from moment to moment and day to day.  They are like the wind constantly changing directions.  They are not reliable truths.

Only God our Creator, who is completely other from creation, and does not ebb and flow with the created order, or with feelings and emotions, and cultural influence. Only he can speak Truth to us. He sent Jesus (the Son), who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6),” and claimed to speak God’s absolute truth. And then died and rose from the dead to prove it. He pointed to the Bible (OT) as God’s Word (Truth). There is Truth which transcends and is above all other so callled truths, which grounds us and allows us to soar, but we have to believe it and live according to it.

What is your truth? Is it your feelings which ebb and flow daily? Is it what your friends say, or the culture which moves like the wind, constantly changing directions? Or is your truth what God says? Are you a kite that is grounded by the Truth so you can soar with the wind, or are you floating freely driven by the wind until you crash (or get caught in a kite eating tree)? God is the Truth and guides us into Truth, and his Truth always grounds us and leads us onto the right path (even if, at times, it feels restrictive and binding). What will you accept as the truth and live your life by? It will determine your ability to soar.